The DJ Music System Packages

Whether you need 5 hours, 6 hours, 7 hours of music or more, we can design the package for you. Please call us at (308) 641-6052 for a price quote.

All packages include our full dance lighting & sound set up and we bring our entire music library to every event. Lighting arrangement may vary depending on location, set up space/stage, etc. All prices also include unloading, setting up/tearing down, and re-loading of equipment. We have absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES or surprises - the price quoted for each package is the actual price. The hours of music in each package, is the amount of music time you will receive at your event. Please note: we have a new lighting feature called Uplighting, which is not dancing lighting, but rather, decorative lighting and is not included with a general package. Uplighting is an extra option you can add to your package. Visit our F.A.Q. page or ask us for more details.


This is THE #1 question we get when our customers call us and well, we totally understand, especially when you're budgeting an event. However, we need to know a few more details about your event before we can just quote a price. Think of it like calling any other service, like a roofer, car repair shop, venue, bakery, caterer, etc. - they need to know what you're needing, how big the job will be, how long it will take and a few other questions before they can provide a price quote. The same goes with us, we usually ask a handful of questions to our customers before quoting a price.


We know every wedding budget varies and now offer more price options for your wedding.  Some customers are on a tight budget for their wedding while others have a larger budget.  Rather than just having one set amout for weddings, we can offer everything from simple dance lighting to our full set up on lighting and optional uplighting all at different rates.  Whether you go with one of our lower priced options or all the bells and whistles, you'll still receive the same professional service from The DJ Music System!

What's the best way to help us help you with a price quote? Use our Availability Checker on our Contact page and see if your date is available, if it is available, simply fill out the short form and you will receive an auto-reply email with a few questions. We HIGHLY recommend that you reply to the email with some answers to the questions so we can get a better idea of what you're planning and so we can figure an accurate price quote.

When deciding how many hours you will need, please keep in mind how many hours of dance music you'll need PLUS the hours of music, announcing, introducing, etc. during dinner BEFORE the actual dance starts - then you'll easily be able to decide which package will work best for your event. For example: many wedding dances are about 3 to 4 hours, but also have a dinner/social time, toasts, cake, etc. that lasts about 2 to 3 hours; therefore the 6 Hour Package would work best.