You're engaged. Congratulations. Let the planning begin!!

Let's be honest, planning a wedding takes a lot of time and odds are, you are finding out there is so much to plan...things that you never even thought of, not to mention all the "opinions" your friends and family are telling you, and everything else in between. I've been working with brides & grooms for many years, helping them plan their wedding receptions, provided countless suggestions on songs, events, and ideas they loved, and made their planning so much easier. With The DJ Music System, your planning just got easier!! Here are some common questions I have heard when couples contact me:

  • "We've never planned a wedding before and we don't know where to even start?"
  • "My fiance and I have been talking and we have a good idea of what we want at our reception, but we can't decide on a song for he and his mom to dance to, what do you suggest?"
  • "We don't want our guests to be bored, we want them to have fun and dance! Will you make announcements so everyone will know what's going on and will you help coordinate the events of the reception?"
  • "We know exactly what we want. We are going to arrive at 6:00, start the dinner at 6:15, do the toasts and cake at 6:45 and want our first dance to start at 7:00. Can you make this happen?"

Do any of these quotes sound like you and your planning? That's a good thing! Whether you need help figuring out all the details of what to do at your reception or what order to have them happen in, I am here and ready to help put your plans together and offer advice from my nearly two decades of mobile wedding DJ experience.


Does this sound familiar?

Pinterest is great for free ideas, but when it comes to planning your wedding, some help from a wedding professional is priceless.


Don't know where to start?

No problem. Most of the brides & grooms I work with, ask me for help and ideas. For example, "When do we do our first dance? When do we do the toasts? We're going to have a slide show, should we play it during dinner? an we have our wedding party announced when we arrive?" And the list of questions goes on and on, but don't worry, you're in good hands, and I am here to help.

Here is a list of many common events that take place at wedding receptions:



Cocktail Hour


Grand Introduction

Prayer/Blessing before the meal


Bride/Groom Dance Father/Daughter Dance Mother/Son Dance

Wedding Party Dance

Bouquet/Garter Toss

Dollar Dance

Snowball Dance

Countdown Dance



Do these events sound like what you plan on having at your reception? Maybe there are a few events listed above that you hadn't thought of yet. Wondering what order to put them all in and what will work best for your reception? Give me a call or email me and I'll be glad to provide suggestions for your reception events.

Coordinating The Events of The Night

Your wedding reception is special, it's your big day, so the last thing you should need to have on your mind is "working." With The DJ Music System, you'll be glad to know that I personally help with the events of the night, make the necessary announcements, and keep everyone informed of the events. I'll visit with you and see when you're ready for events to be announced and make your reception run smooth. For example, I'll check with you to see when you're ready for the Cutting of The Wedding Cake, when you're ready I'll make the announcement so everyone will know that you're cutting the cake.

I have had so many happy couples thank me for taking care of them throughout their reception and it makes their night so much more fun and memorable. Many couples are so busy visiting with family, friends, and guests that it's easy for time to slip by and occasionally forget about some of the events they have planned. That's where The DJ Music System comes in to make sure all the events of the night take place, and most importantly, WHEN the bride & groom are ready for them to take place.


It is my goal to provide you and your guests an amazing night of music and memories. From the moment you arrive, to the toasts & cake, to your first dance...and the last dance of the night, you will receive a professional service from The DJ Music System that your wedding deserves! I look forward to being your DJ and helping you all the way up to your big day!



Want some good advice?

Have your plans be a GUIDELINE, not a timeline.

In all my years of being at wedding reception after wedding reception, it is rare for events to run on an EXACT time schedule. I've had couples give me a "timed" schedule of events, for example: 6:00 Grand Introduction, 6:05 Dinner, 6:40 Toasts, 6:45 Cake, 7:00 First Dance, 7:20 Bouquet/Garter Toss, 7:25 Dollar Dance, etc.

While this is somewhat of a good plan, realistically most events won't happen at the exact minute you planned. Why? There are a number of reasons why. Maybe pictures after your wedding took a little longer, maybe there was a beautiful sunset and the photographer wanted to capture that moment. Maybe one of the wedding party members had to take care of one of their kids. Maybe a relative wanted to visit with you or get some pictures taken with you. Maybe your ride in the limo after the ceremony took longer than planned. Then once you get to the reception, you need a moment to cool off from being outside taking pictures, or something else comes up that delays the 6:00 start time and then a domino effect for the rest of the events. I've witnessed all of these things and many more, but having the mindset that all the events of the night WILL take place and knowing that I'll take care of them, will allow you to enjoy your reception much more and not be stressed out about events not happening at an exact time. This is actually a GOOD thing. Relax, with The DJ Music System we'll make sure ALL of your events happen during your reception.

Have you heard of the Shoe Game or the Sunglasses Game? These are two fun games that can be played at your reception. Want to find out more about them? Just give me a call or send me an email and I'll be happy to tell you more about them.

I recently did a survey with some past brides to get some thoughts on their wedding day. We know every wedding budget varies, but here are some good lists from a brides who were glad they splurged on specific things or services and/or made sure they did at their wedding:

The things this bride loved about their wedding:

1. All the girls getting ready together and the photographer's studio (Judy's) so we could have EVERYTHING documented.

2. Taking the majority of the pictures at before the actual ceremony. This gave us more time to have some fun and relax between the ceremony and the reception.

3. Having Bob Goss do all our decorating and flowers at the church and reception. He did an amazing job and everything turned out beautifully. Also, Rowena Benzel did our cake and it was gorgeous and tasted delicious.

4. We had lots of people tell us how good the food was at the Gering Civic Center. Judy & Rick do a fantastic job! We also thought it was perfect to have free kegs, but a cash bar.

5. Our guests all loved the fact that they could walk from the reception site directly to the hotel we blocked rooms at. It was much more convenient and we didn't have to worry about providing sober drivers for our guests since they did have this option.

6. As far as the DJ service went... It [The DJ Music System] was the best! I was very thankful that you met with me before the reception to go over everything and that you were basically our emcee for the night. You kept us on schedule throughout the night! We also loved that you gave out glow necklaces and took so many of your own pictures because you captured lots of good memories for us! We have been to many weddings in many different towns and you still rate at the top of our list as far as best DJs go. Thank you for that! Also, you stayed and helped our families carry out wedding gifts and tear down the reception when it ended and we were all very thankful for that.

We think our entire wedding day went very well and it was definitely worth splurging on everything (we have our families that thank for that!)! - Makenzie & Jeff

Here are some thoughts from another bride:

1. We were so happy that we spent the money we did on the DJ! When we were researching, it seemed like a lot of money to spend for a short time but we are so glad that we did. It made the reception flow perfectly. Gary was ready for us before we walked in to the reception so that he could announce us, and it continued to move well the remainder of the evening. It would not have been the same had we not spent the money. Sometimes, you really get what you paid for!

2. We loved our cupcakes and cake and display from Nutmeg (Natalie Howard). She had it all set up so beautifully and it was perfect! The flavors were amazing and we had enough to take some home for later!

3. I would say there is nothing that we wish we had done that we didn't. We had a great wedding and celebration with friends and family! - Betsy and John

Another bride says she was glad they did these things:

1. Splurged on our photographer. I haven't received our pro pics yet, but our engagement pics and sneak peek were beautiful.
2. Found a minister and church that fit us. We didn't want a cookie cutter ceremony and it turned out beautiful.
3. Open bar. We loved it, our guests loved it.
4. Splurged on a DJ. He made our reception.
5. Detailed timeline. We had an issue with a tux that put us an hour behind schedule. Luckily, I was smart and built an hour into our timeline so we were fine.
6. Decor - Uplighting, chair covers/sashes, my DIY centerpieces, colored napkins, etc. made our venue look much more elegant than it really was.
7. First look - This saved us so much time and money. We decided not to do a cocktail hour and get to our reception right when it started. We loved partying with our guests for the entire night.
8. Amazing Caterer - Our guest LOVED the food. We are still getting complements on it!
9. Candy Buffet - Guests LOVED it. - Amanda (from weddingwire)


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